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Clear Dermatology Welcomes Dr. Chi Tran

Dr. Tran will begin seeing patients in September 2016.  To learn more about Dr. Tran, click here.

A Review on Dermal Filler Materials

Dermal fillers are injections applied on the skin to restore the beauty of the skin. The procedure is usually implemented by a Cosmetic Dermatologist in Katy TX to get rid of wrinkles on the skin. Dermal fillers enhance the skin’s tightening ability and bring a fresher and young looking skin. Have a look at a few materials which might be […]

Why sunburns happen on cloudy days…and more!

What is the buzz about UVA these days? We now understand that UVA (in addition to UVB) contributes to skin cancer development.  On a summer day, UVA accounts for >95% of the UV light reaching the earth’s surface, while UVB accounts for just 4%.  The ozone layer and atmosphere block essentially all UVC light emitted by the sun and nearly […]

Six tips to get the most out of your dermatology visit!

1. Gather your medical information and visit our online patient portal to enter these details directly into your electronic medical record.  This portal will help you make a list of your current and past medical diagnoses, surgical procedures, family history, and current medications (including herbal supplements and vitamins).  Skin problems are not just “skin deep” and often reflect internal medical and […]

Smoking and Your Skin: Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors

Tobacco contains more than 7000 chemicals, including 250 toxins and carcinogens.  Nicotine, the main ingredient in tobacco, is absorbed at 1mg per cigarette.  After inhalation, nicotine enters the brain after 10-20 seconds, causing the neurostimulatory effects that maintain addiction.  Smoking for 6-8 hours a day leads to persistently elevated nicotine levels due to the slow release of nicotine from body […]